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ReSouk prefers to take tenants on viewings for you, and are flexible due to our opening hours, but should you prefer, you can guide tenants around your own property for a personal touch.

Listening to feedback from viewings can be helpful to determine how to make your property more attractive to tenants. It is important to be prepared for potential tenant’s questions such as; is the property furnished? What are the neighbours like? How long has the property been vacant? We recommend discussing your answers with our staff to consider answers, which will not disadvantage you to tenants.


As soon as we receive an offer we will notify you. Any special conditions of the offer, for example frequency of rent payments or move in date will be discussed.

It is important that you consider how much you would be prepared to accept if a tenant’s offers a price different from the asking price. The tenant’s situation may impact your decision. Consideration should be given to the number of rental cheques and the start date of the contract with the price being offered and how they fit in with your requirements.

We will advise before you make a decision the response to marketing thus far, interest from other parties, and advise on comparable properties, which have rented ensuring you have piece of mind in making a decision.

Accepting an Offer

Once negotiations have reached a positive conclusion and you are happy to accept an offer, we will ask for relevant IDs from both parties, copy of title deed and evidence of recent community fees paid up to date in order for us to prepare a tenancy contract detailing the specifics of the tenancy.

Having Your Property Managed

The majority of our tenant’s, in particular our corporate tenants prefer the landlord have their property managed giving piece in the event of a maintenance emergency or a general questions which require immediate responses. We have found a managed service contributes towards happier tenants. We will manage your property on your behalf so that you can see return on your investment without the hassle.

Signing Tenancy Contracts

Once the tenancy contract signed by both landlord and tenant, each will receive a copy with the real estate agent retaining a copy for filing purposes and rental cheques are handed over to the landlord.

Moving In

As the landlord you may wish to check the tenant into your property, handing them over the keys talking them through where everything is in order to start the tenancy off on a positive note. If the property is managed Allsopp & Allsopp will check the tenant into the property on your behalf.

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