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ReSouk is digitalizing and cryptonizing Real Estate on the blockchain. Acting first hand in Real Estate and blockhain solutions, besides being an advisor to many companies whom want their company to be Blockchain ready, and adapt themselves to the fast constantly changing technology market. We are represented accross the globe across the globe. We have an extensive portfolio of residential, commercial, and industrial properties and offer a wide range of services to local and foreign investors, buyers, and real estate lenders. Our services include brokerage, leasing, selling, investment opportunities, and post closing advice. Through our alliances and partnerships, we aim to enhance the value of our client’s investments by providing recommendations and assistance with mortgages, interior design and decoration, and relocation.

We are proud of our multinational team of dynamic and experienced professionals. As ReSouk covers, we believe in having “area experts” who are individually specialized in specific geographic locations. This philosophy promotes our values of integrity and having our client’s best interest at heart by providing them with expert advice, insights and referrals to match their requirements and preferences.


To protect you from fraud our platform is powered by smart contracts and blockchain. Your deal can be completed entirely online, fast, easy and secure. On top of traditional fiat currencies, we accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.


Easily record your paperwork on the blockchain, the record provides a permanent and immutable registration. It can be accessed with a simple link, anytime, anywhere.


A Global listing platform finding a property you like by using the search bar. What makes Yalla Properties unique is that:
Off Market Deals
It’s a Global Listing Platform
Very Experienced Team
We Accept Cryptocurrencies

Featured Luxury Property

The Experts

Hamdy Mounir

Dereck Alexander Jon Hoogenkamp

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